There's no reason why you can't self-study for an exam with non-accredited online resources—but if you are going to take an entire AP course online, it makes the most sense to take one that is accredited by the College Board. I never paid attention, all teacher did was show Powerpoints and crack jokes/ show memes, and I got a 3. Press J to jump to the feed. This is particularly true if, for whatever reason, the thought of self-studying Psychology, Environmental Science, Human Geography, or Government and Politics is tedious and repugnant to you. You need to invest a lot of time though. Long story short, you don't have to do self study … It's really just Java. Use Supplemental Resources. To help you choose a self-study exam, you can also see my list of Best APs to Self-Study. #1: It's Accredited. AP Physics Mechanics. In junior year, I self studied AP CSA, AP AB, and AP Stats. Since you took CSP it should also be fairly easy to pick up, although it might take a bit to transistion from the JS method to object-oriented programming (what Java does). (10 - 20 hours) From what I heard time wise AP Enviro or AP Psych is the shortest to study and arguably the easiest. AP Chemistry. AP Computer Science A Easiest and Hardest AP Classes . The College Board now offers over 30 Advanced Placement courses, covering everything from Art History to United States Government & Politics, and everything in between. In soph, I self studied AP Psych, got a 5. Some popular self-study choices include AP Environmental Science, AP Human Geography, and AP Psychology. Additionally, I'm thinking that I may want to self study for Physics 1, Calc BC, and Human Geo. I took it with a teacher who covered most of the concepts we need to know, but didn't explain some things quite fully. We did a lot of online work you can do by yourself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, APCSP(5), APUSH(5), APWH, APCSA, CalcBC, Physics1, Lang. It is very possible to apply information almost anywhere, instead of there being one specific correct answer. I want to self-study some APs to boost my GPA. In general, a score of three is considered to be passing. AP Gov- If the tests in the future are anything compared to this year's test, one read through crash course should be sufficient AP Environmental- A lot of this class should be review. some people say theres a lot of stuff to memorize but other people say its super easy. Computer Science Principles (2.6) Psychology (3.2) Human Geography (3.9) Environmental Science (4.1) US Government and Politics (4.3) Computer Science A (4.3) Statistics (4.6) Macroeconomics (4.6) Microeconomics (4.7) Seminar (4.8) 10 Easiest AP Classes. They’re a good preparation for transition to college courses as they’re fast-paced, cover substantial content, and require independent work. (it doesn't have to be on the list above). I took it this year at school, but my teacher wasn't the greatest. AP US Government and Politics. In alphabetical order, here are our picks for the best AP courses to self-study: 1. AP AB wasn't too bad, and neither was AP Stats, but don't self study stats in 3 days like me. Probably got a 4, but the point remains. Just like u/FreeAPHUGs, I plan on self studying a lot because my schedule is being a fat dick to me. Thread "Easiest" AP Exams to Self-Study Rank Author Date within 1 day 3 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 6 months 1 year of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04 Just watch AC/DC Econ on Youtube and maybe buy Clifford's Ultimate Review Packet or another review book. While they are known to be tough, record numbersof students these days are taking them. For the most part, AP classes that are in the “soft sciences” are going to be the easiest of the bunch to take. AP Comparative Government and Politics. Doesn't hurt to do a quick search, you know. I've decided that for my Senior year that I will take 7 AP classes for an academic challenge and for the enjoyment of AP. For projects, you can do some past FRQs, search up some online, and if you want I can give you the ones we did over the year. The FRQs are straightforward, much like Human Geo’s. Unlike CSP, you don't need to learn about the internet or anything. This is arguably the easiest AP. I know everyone has different strong suits that could help them in different classes so here are my stats: 5 on AP Euro (sophomore year) *self-studied *dbq only, Currently taking AP Chem, AP Calc AB, AP Spanish Lang (not a native speaker), AP Lit, APUSH, and AP CSP (self-study) (junior year), *have had As both semesters for all my classes, For faster help, join the official r/APStudents Discord at AP classes require a lot of work to succeed. For further info on self-study, as well as a guide to deciding whether or not to self-study, you can see my introduction to AP self-study. This is the wrong way to do high school. … AP Environmental Science. I want to self-study some APs to boost my GPA. As with the human geography course, this subject requires some specific vocabulary. Some, like Environmental Science, for example, don't look as strong. From my experience, Comp Sci A seems pretty doable. In order from easiest to hardest, I'd say: * AP Environmental Science - It's known as the “I don't want to take a science class”- science class. So I can only take four classes at my HS and so far the only APs I'm taking is Bio and Lang (my other classes are gym and math), so I wanted to get more credit by just self-studying. The easiest AP tests could have hard classes to go with them, or vice versa. **The subreddit will be closed during makeup testing dates**. LET ME KNOW IF YOU GUYS WANT A VIDEO ON HOW TO STUDY FOR AP PSYCH helloooo! Unlike the history tests, you can study from your textbook and the review books and expect to know just about everything on the test. The material you're considering self-studying makes a big difference here. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. AP Biology. Instead study the areas you are interested in. This exact question has been posted here about 50 times. (Fuck you band). AP Macroeconomics. In precalc h right now, and selfstudied AB, fairly confident in getting a 5, guaranteed a 4. At most high schools, AP is the highest level of a given subject available (along with IB and dual enrollment courses). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Like, do you just tell your counselor you want to study a class on your own time, and take the end of year test? Easiest by least amount of time put into studying or easiest by easiest material to study? whats the meaning of self-study? self studied ap psych and got a 4! I self studied quite a few exams, so I'll rank them in order of how easy they were to self study. AP exams are graded on a scale of one to five. AP Classes By Difficulty. They may put you at the top of the pile in college admissions as they show you’re ready for the academic rigor of colle… We have tips to help navigate AP class pressures. Anyway, the majority of what we did was CodeHS, CodingBat, and various assigned projects. The easiest is DEFINITELY environmental science (easy self-study). I personally believe Language APs are among the easiest ones. As a general rule, the classes with the least amount of material to learn before the AP® exam in May tend to be the easiest. The easiest exams are on the top. There wasn't a lot of classic "sit down and get lectured" teaching, and even when there was it was mostly going over what we learned already. Factor 1: Which AP Exam You Want to Self-Study For. AP Statistics. Hardest and easiest AP classes: based on data from nearly 2000 course reviews from Reddit’s r/APStudents If you want the exact data on a specific course, here is the full data set in table form: AP Class Reviews: what are the hardest and most time-consuming AP exams, and … SELF STUDY FRIENDLY: YES Not sure if this will work for the exam since it is being changed for the 2018-2019 year but for AP US Government and Politics all I did was cram Adam Norris' US Gov lecture videos, and watched the final review study guide, and did half of a Quizlet to memorize some terms in 2 days. Cookies help us deliver our Services. CLEP exams are administered by the College Board, the same organization responsible for conducting Advanced Placement (AP) classes and exams as well as the SAT. The College Board grades AP exams on a scale of one to five, with one representing the lowest possible score and five representing the highest. AP US History. I didn't know how to code until the weekend before the test, and I feel that I have a chance at getting a 5. It would be really helpful if you described how hard the class was AND how hard the test was. If you were to self-study one AP, I would say go with either this or Environmental Science. You also have to think about your school, the national average scores, and your own personal strengths when figuring out which AP courses are relatively easy. **The subreddit will be closed during makeup testing dates**. AP® classes prepare you for the rigorous course load that you will experience during college. Press J to jump to the feed. I'm planning on doing a program at my school where I do half my classes at HS and take other classes at a community college. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You could probably look into a few more courses to learn Java too - maybe try I personally thought AP Macro & AP Micro (2 in 1) were pretty easy, but it's fairly time consuming. Admissions officers know which AP exams are "easy," and if you seek out those tests they'll know you're just trying to get into a good college. I didn't self study at all outside of looking up Moores' Law once and got a 5. It's one thing to self-study for AP Psychology, and quite another to self-study for AP Chem. But, for those of you that have taken the test without taking the class what AP tests did you take and why? Spend a month working on it, and you can get a 5. AP Psychology. Taking an AP exam can definitely help your college and career prospects, and don’t worry about the classes themselves. The classes with this reputation are AP® US Government, AP® Psychology, AP® Human Geography, and AP® Environmental Science. In junior year, I self studied AP CSA, AP AB, and AP Stats. AP Psychology. Most of the time, the answers are simple if one is at least a bit familiar with the language. Probably APES for you since you're also doing bio. These exams provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their proficiency in introductory-level material and earn college credit for simply passing a test. However, students should note that many colleges require a score of four or five to receive credit. AP Physics E&M. But don't worry—we'll help you break down these factors and decide which AP tests will be easiest for you! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, AP German, AP French, AP Spanish, AP Lit, AP Gov, Art History:5 Biology:4 Gov:4 Macro:4 Lit:4 Lang:4 APUSH: 3, CSA(5)-Stats(5)-HUG(5)-CSP(4)-CalcAB(5)-Chem(4)-Lang(5)-World(5). AP AB wasn't too bad, and neither was AP Stats, but don't self study stats in 3 days like me. 2. Micro/Macro Econ are pretty easy to self study for imo. I know multiple people who have self studied this way and gotten a pair of 5s. The more demanding the coursework is in the classroom, then the less sense it makes to try to learn the material yourself. You may be wondering whether AP classes are worth it. AP Human Geography. I know everyone has different strong suits that could help them in different classes so here are my stats: 4 on AP Human Geo (freshman year) 5 on AP Euro (sophomore year) *self-studied *dbq only Cookies help us deliver our Services. AP Microeconomics. If your school doesn’t offer AP courses at all, or doesn’t have a particular subject, you may choose to self-study — although bear in mind that this can be very challenging depending on the exam. (Fuck you band). A good rule of thumb is any AP that has founding in a core class like Math, Science, English, or History, looks good. I just realized I didn't tell you what Comp Sci A actually entails. Same for CSA, but it's easier if you have coding experience. This is because there is less to cram in, so they move at a slower pace. This is one of the easiest self-study courses for your AP exam. Again, it’s of the utmost importance … If you’re sitting on the fence about taking one, here are some potential benefits to help change your mind: 1. I would agree that APCSP is one of, if not the easiest AP courses. I am thinking of doing one this year as I am a Freshman, which one should I do? AP courses and exams can cover a great deal of material, and you’ll need to start early and work diligently in order to fit in everything you need to learn. Not sure what I got, but definitely believe I'm in the 4-5 range. If you're searching for the best online AP courses, these are the qualities you should look for. Which is convenient, because coding is a lot easier to practice (for me, at least) than pure facts. If you are good at math, AP Calc AB becomes a joke. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. To help you decide which AP tests are the best for you, we’ve compiled a definitive list of all the AP courses that we think would be good to self-study, and the type of person who we think would like self-studying it the most. I probably should have mentioned this in the post, but the class I'm taking at the community college is the equivalent to AP psych. No matter what course you are taking, we are a community that helps students earn college credit! i do it through an online program that lets me get credit (and gives me the gpa bump). Just like u/FreeAPHUGs, I plan on self studying a lot because my schedule is being a fat dick to me. You need to show some passion in math, but it is definitely not as hard as others say it is. Yes, I know APES is scientific, but it isn't exactly Bio or Chem! Here are some specific steps you can take to successfully self-study for an AP exam: First, figure out what you’re going to need to learn. ive heard a lot of mixed opinions about psych. Some exams aren’t quite universal self-study slam dunks, but if you have a proclivity for a certain subject, a particular interest, or some prior knowledge, they can still be good choices for you. I'm thinking about self studying one or two AP subjects simply because my school doesn't offer many AP classes. (I've already taken Physics, CSP, and Apush), Edit: the class I'm taking at the CC is pretty much AP Psych. No matter what course you are taking, we are a community that helps students earn college credit! AP Macro- ACDC is all you really need, everything is covered in the videos AP Art History- This class is pretty must memorizing details of 250 works of art. One represents the lowest possible score, while five represents the highest possible score. I can also get you PDFs of a couple textbooks my teacher scanned and gave us. just used barron’s and crash course. Obviously, there is no AP classes/tests that are easy. However, I don't think environmental science is as useful as the other sciences for college. It primarily deals with psychological concepts and to fare well, you need to memorize information about seminal experiments and reputed scientists. Memorizing the rules and methods can only do so much, and a lot of it comes from getting into the right mindset (which should be easy for you, since you took CSP) and lots of practice. List of possible subject to self study:-AP Psychology-AP Biology...what's the easiest subject to self study? A re you doing Dual Credit/ Dual Enrollment?? They also help you become a better thinker, researcher, and problem solver. Ap lit is pretty soft if you already read a lot on your own time. In soph, I self studied AP Psych, got a 5. Do be warned that they can only do so much - I barely looked at them during my class. AP US Government, AP Psychology Exam, AP Human Geography Exam, and AP Environmental Science Exam are amongst the easiest of all AP exams to take, with other liberal arts classes like AP English Literature exam rounding out the top five. Choosing one of the 6 easiest AP classes to take will give students a preview of another time-honored college tradition: finding an easy class to round out your schedule. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. However, I'd think it be best to just gather advice from the community on the way I should be managing the classes. It would be really helpful if you described how hard the class was AND how hard the test was. They're essentially entry-level college courses, so you're going to be doing a lot of learning and work on your own. Easiest AP Classes to Self-Study.If you’re planning to self-study for your AP exam: The easiest AP classes to self-study are: Computer Science Principles, Psychology and Environmental Science.These are also rated as the easiest and least time-consuming AP classes overall, so you should be OK.

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